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Hello I’m
Jamey Bowles

Jamey Bowles is a 28-year-old founder of multiple successful businesses. Founding his first successful business at the age of 17 that grew into a reputable and well known construction company.

Jamey thrives in creating and building businesses from the ground up, sometimes literally. His success is a result of him being able to identify gaps in the market and build solutions around them. He believes within business, a successful business owner or entrepreneur can be measured on their adaptability to create solutions to challenges on a day-to-day basis, whether that be on a small scale or large.

After developing multiple businesses within a range of sectors, Jamey now works with current and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their skills and strategies and building his property business.

“Success is the limit you desire your determination to acquire” – Jamey Bowles

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Barbershop Promotional Video

Jamey has worked with several different businesses. Promoting their services and successfully building their brand.

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ITV1 Show - 'Give It A Year'

Jamey has featured in multiple publications and broadcasting, most notable in 2017 working with Karren Brady showcasing his extensive business brand and building skills in the hit show “Give it a year”

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My Business Ventures

How I Can Help You

Mentorship Programme

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or a seasoned professional, working with an experienced business coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results. Some of the most wildly successful companies and entrepreneurs on the planet rely on business coaching services to become talkable different from the competition.

All of Jamey’s packages start with a 30-minute consultation call to identify issues, barriers, goals and requirements. Working with you Jamey will be able to offer 1-1 business advice at a frequency of your choosing to help you create solutions for your business.

If you have a gap in your knowledge or experience, then mentoring could work very well for you. For example, you may have a great idea for a business but need a bit of guidance to turn it into a successful venture.

Mentorship with Jamey can provide you with a number of benefits, such as:

  • Guidance on developing and improving your business
  • Help with difficult decisions
  • Ideas for new products or services, or ways of working
  • Tips for your business that are gained from practical experience
  • Access to a network of contacts with other people
  • Develop key business skills
  • Improve your problem-solving abilities
  • Build confidence
  • Work on your personal development

Mentorship isn’t just for business newcomers or young entrepreneurs. Mentorship is more than just advice, it’s a working relationship, it’s support and it’s an educational process. Whether you are starting your first venture, your twentieth venture or you’re a seasoned professional, Mentorship gives you the opportunity to share ideas, bounce them off of another party and continue your education in business. 

Take the leap today, book a discovery call to find out how Jamey can help you achieve your ambitions and goals

“The education of a man is never completed until he dies.” -Robert E. Lee

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Business Advice

Jamey’s business experience spans many sectors and he has mastered the art of understanding business. Maybe you have the idea of the century, but just don’t have the knowledge, or confidence, to know how to implement it?

Business advice starts as low as £97 per hour.

Jamey’s business advice services are booked in 1 hour time slots, this can be carried out at our offices in Northamptonshire, or virtually over zoom / telephone. 

Using the business advice service means you will have time to speak to an experienced professional who is able to listen to your worries, concerns or challenges and help you understand the viability and logistics of your project.

Jamey’s unique and pragmatic outlook enables him to call on his wealth of knowledge to advise you on your business ventures regardless of the industry or sector you are within. 

Business advice offers you multiple benefits such as:

  • The opportunity to ask questions
  • Gain a different perspective
  • Improve your skill base
  • Develop methods and strategies
  • Build a trusting relationship

The Business advice service is for individuals and entrepreneurs including small business owners, who are looking for advice on a project, idea or business. If you have confidence but just need some reassurance this is for you.

If you require more on-going support, don’t worry, take a look at our Mentorship Programme.

Property Education

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Your property education is delivered by Jamey Bowles. An enthusiastic property developer and investor who’s built a successful property empire. Jamey has developed 43 courses over 7 modules teaching you everything he knows to help assist you on your property journey.

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